Workshops for VR & AR Creators

The Extended Mind is the notion that objects in the environment and the way that humans move influence thoughts, perceptions and action.

Learn how human thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors are affected by physical characteristics—embodiments of abstract concepts—and how you can capitalize on these effects to improve the reception and use of your virtual and augmented reality experiences.


Workshop #1

Interaction Design

In the Interaction Design workshop participants learn how to optimize communication between a user and an application, mediated by input and output devices. Highlights are:

•    Insights from psychology and neuroscience on how to design VR & AR interactions
•    Leveraging the physical world to make the virtual world more realistic
•    Embodied cognition as means to make a better experience and increase usage




Workshop #2

Social Intelligence

In the Social Intelligence workshop, the emphasis is on improving communication with other humans or AI. Takeaways include:

•    Why people who have Botox are less capable of empathy and why it matters in VR
•    Social norms to curb harassment
•    How to use body movements to activate presence and enhance communication



Contact us strengthen bonds among a user's body, perceptions, and actions for the best VR & AR.

Jessica Outlaw, M.S., is a VR/AR experience researcher and founder of Data Driven LLC. Trained as a behavioral scientist, she uses qualitative and quantitative research methods to strategize and test experiences. She blogs at The Extended Mind on how changes in the body and the environment influence the way that users think, feel, and behave in VR. Twitter: @theextendedmind