Say No to Oculus

Here is my open letter to Mark Zuckerberg and Brendan Iribe regarding the Daily Beast reporting on Palmer Luckey's involvement and donations to promote racist and sexist memes. 

Dear Mark and Brendan,  
I'm writing to you today because of Palmer Luckey's explicit and financial support of shitposting. This is unacceptable behavior. If our industry aims to encourage the involvement of women and minorities, keeping Luckey at Oculus is inexcusable.

I'm a co-organizer of a VR film festival in Portland, OR and a UX researcher in VR / AR. As long as Palmer Luckey remains as a public face of Oculus, I will exclude Oculus from the VR film festival and decline involvement in any Oculus project.

My daughter is bi-racial. I want her to live in a world that values her skills and abilities and welcomes her openly. Palmer Luckey’s actions suggest he does not.
Will you take a stand against the misogyny and racism that shitposting encourages? I strongly encourage you to fire Palmer Luckey.